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  1. Kinston Police NC patch
  2. Kinston Police Department Records Division
    205 E. King St. Kinston, NC 28502, (252) 939-3160 / (252) 939-3220
  3. Official Incident/Investigation Report
    (To be hand delivered, faxed to (252)939-3790 or emailed to With an effort to provide more efficient and effective police and fire service our department is implementing self-generated reports. These reports will be available at the Kinston Police Department and on our website. These reports will allow citizens and visitors of our community to file police reports with quickness and ease. Reports for incidents within the city limits of Kinston will be taken. The report is to be filled out and signed by the reporting person. It is very important to leave an accurate address and contact number so if follow-up investigation is necessary, the appropriate division will be able to do so. All cases will be investigated in the same manner as if an officer were taking the report. Each will be reviewed by an officer and supervisor for appropriate attention. Victims/Reportees may obtain copies of the completed report two days after filing through this method.
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