Do the Firefighters just sit around the station all day until a call comes out?
The Kinston Department of Fire & Rescue are very active within the daily activities of our times of tours of duty. The Firefighters are required to hold a certain amount of regimental training hours from the State of North Carolina to hold our specific Certifications within our profession. Our Department goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of our Firefighters and the Citizens of Kinston, which occupy almost the entire work day of the shifts. Then there is all of the top of the line equipment that we pride ourselves on using to ensure that they are all in tip top proper working order, as well as maintaining clean, properly organized, Fire Stations for peek moral of our Firefighters and Citizens to take Pride in.

The Firefighters must also conduct Fire Inspections within all of the local businesses throughout the city, as well as make Fire Safety Pre-plans of those businesses to ensure the city is safe and the Firefighters have a good idea of what the businesses look like from the inside and know what hazards they may face if they were called to a Fire/Rescue Scene. The Firefighters are also tasked with ensuring the Public and Citizens of Kinston have Public Education in Fire Prevention and pride ourselves in Community Interaction by giving Fire Station Tours and Truck Static Displays, Seminars, and Public Fire Prevention Classes/Meetings during their shift.

This occurs on each shift six of the seven days to the week, three hundred sixty-five days a year. The Firefighters are required to arrive fifteen minutes prior to their assigned shift, and get a briefing of the activities and orders from the day before, then off they go at eight o'clock sharp beginning with checking the trucks and equipment on the front-line Apparatus, then right into the activities and orders planned for that particular shift. They may even have to work through lunch, and/or dinner in some cases before they may be able to see the inside of the station late into the evening.

God rested on the seventh day, Sundays are usually a little slower than the rest of the week for the Firefighters, however it is en-stilled in the them to continue to strive for Greatness and work on their own projects for the common good of the Organization and Career.

On top of all of this of course is the Number One Reason we are all here and that is to answer the various Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Calls that come to us and keeping the Citizens Safe at all costs, holding to our

Mission Statement:

To provide, with compassion, the highest level of professional service to the customers we serve through Pride, Proficiency & Integrity.

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