Police And Community Engagement (PACE)

One of the most critical components of effective law enforcement is the establishment and maintenance of public trust. Though vital to public safety, its existence is often taken for granted. Non-enforcement community engagement activities make a huge contribution to building and maintaining lasting relationships and community trust. The fact that an officer goes out of his or her way to participate in something that is important to a certain segment of the community shows that the officer really cares about the members of that community, not just about enforcing laws.  

The group meets monthly and is open to the public.  We advertise our monthly meetings on social media and our website.  This community engagement-focused group represents the cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity of the Kinston-Lenoir community and provides an opportunity for community members to engage directly with members of the Kinston Police Department, including the Chief of Police.   

Under P.A.C.E, this group will concentrate on community resources to enhance police-community relations and improve community trust.  The group meets monthly to share diverse perspectives on: 

  • Community engagement
  • Juvenile Justice matters
  • Programming
  • Public education
  • Other matters selected by the Chief and KPD staff members 

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