Kinston 101

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In preparation for our Spring 2024 cohort, we want to hear from you! Take our pre-engagement survey to let us know what you would like to receive from our program. For more information on Kinston 101 and/or the application process, call 252-939-4021, or email


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What is Kinston 101?

Kinston 101 is a weekly citizens academy aimed to increase citizen engagement, knowledge, and affinity for the City of Kinston. 

A citizens academy helps fill the gap between citizens and local government through presentations, worksite trips, and community interaction. Kinston 101 allows attendees to learn from the "experts" of local government, develop/bolster leadership skills, and gain a beneficial network of local officials and fellow citizens. 

Participants visit city parks, create a mock city budget, tour the wastewater treatment plant, and more! Kinston 101 is for any resident interested in how the city works and public decisions are made!


Kinston 101 aims to:

  • Inform citizens about city operations and opportunities for engagement
  • Invest in a body of citizens interested in future public service
  • Identify further opportunities for transparency and effective communication by city departments
  • Build relationships between citizens and public servants
  • Learn from citizens in Kinston 101

Kinston 101 Facilitator

Brittany Best 


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Kinston 101 meets weekly, with possible meetings on Saturdays depending on scheduled activities. To participate, you must:

  1. Attend the first session 

  2. Attend 7 out of 10 sessions 

  3. Attend a city council meeting during the program 

*Preference will be given to residents of Kinston or the ETJ (extra-territorial jurisdiction), but anyone may apply!