Hurricane Matthew Record

This page describes the account of Hurricane Matthew and response of the City of Kinston to the increasing need for disaster resiliency in our region. To learn about the current state of flood resiliency, go to our Flood Information page.

On October 8, 2016, North Carolina experienced the wrath of Hurricane Matthew and twenty-eight citizens lost their lives. Less than a week later, much of eastern NC experienced the worst flooding we have ever seen. Homes were destroyed, business was interrupted, lives were upended, and the recovery and healing process began. However, that story is all too familiar to us since it was the third major flood in the past 21 years. Then in April 2017, the City of Kinston experienced the fourth highest crest for the Neuse River after merely a couple of days of rainfall.

This page is dedicated to providing our citizens, legislators, media, and partners a snapshot of our efforts to address flood prevention. We believe flooding will continue to get worse, not better. And we believe in striking the right balance between man's progress and the environment we love so much. However, we absolutely need our local, state and federal partners on the same page when it comes to flood prevention efforts along the Neuse River Basin.



US Army Corps of Engineers, 1965 Neuse River Basin Study
- Excerpt from 1965 Neuse River Basin Study
Devloped LandCover Compairson: 1992-2011
7/19/2017 Neuse River Basin: Lenoir County and Kinston Total Building Damages
8/24/2017 Neuse River Basin Round Table Discussion

3/28/2017 WITN-7: Kinston looking at ideas to prevent future flooding
3/28/2017 WNCT-9: Officials to seek flood prevention funding
3/28/2017 WCTI-12: Kinston officials going to Raleigh for answers on flooding
3/29/2017 WCTI-12: Kinston City leaders head to Raleigh for talks on preventing severe flooding
3/29/2017 ABC-11: Hurricane-damaged towns seek protection
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4/6/2017 WITN-7: Neuseway Nature Center near reopening six months since Hurricane Matthew
4/8/2017 KFP: How should Kinston solve its major flooding?
4/13/2017 KFP: County Commissioners sign on to resolution for flood prevention study
4/14/2017 KFP: Sen. Thom Tillis visits Kinston to assess flood recovery
5/1/2017 WCTI-12: Kinston leaders heading to D.C. to talk about flood-prone areas
5/3/2017 WITN-7: Kinston leaders meet with DC lawmakers on Neuse River flooding
5/3/2017 WNCT-9: City leaders discuss preventative flooding measures in D.C.
5/3/2017 KFP: Kinston Mayor heads to DC to talk flood prevention
5/12/2017 KFP: Kinston Mayor reiterates need for flood prevention efforts
5/25/2017 WITN-7: Kinston area residents concerned over NOAA hurricane predictions
6/6/2017 Mayor Murphy, NCDEM Mike Sprayberry & Governor Cooper's Director of Hurricane Recovery Dempsey Benton on Spectrum News' Capital Tonight
6/13/2017 WITN-7: Governor Cooper talks flood recovery efforts with city leaders
6/14/2017 WUNC 91.5
6/14/2017 KFP: Governor visits Kinston to talk flooding and funding
8/8/2017 WITN-7: Much progress, but more recovery to go 10 months after Hurricane Matthew hits Lenoir County
8/24/2017 KFP No One Solution: Local and county officials from several counties, emergency management etc at the Woodmen Community Center to conduct a Neuse River Basin roundtable
9/20/2017 - The Economist - Flood Economics Panel
10/4/2017 - Mayor Murphy Inteviewed by Spectrum News 14-Raleigh
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10/5/2017 Wilmington Star News - 1 year after Matthew, planning for future hurricanes
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