Fire Prevention/Public Education Community Relations

Mrs OLearys cow

Everyone may be familiar with the Ol' wives tale of Mrs. O'Leary's Cow kicking over the lantern causing the 1871 Chicago fiasco which burned the entire city to the ground within two days.  Well......  It can't be confirmed that the cow actually did it but the experts who have studied the fire and the reports can confirm it came from the barn.....  for what ever it is worth.  

This all happened on October 8th and 9th where over two hundred fifty lives were lost, over one hundred thousand people were homeless, and over seventeen thousand four hundred structures within a two thousand acre area were burned and/or destroyed.  This wasn't even the worst fire!  

That fateful day on October 08, 1871 in Wisconsin a Forest fire, which was started by land clearing brush fires consumed sixteen towns, killed over one thousand one hundred fifty-two people, and burned up over one million 
two hundred thousand acres of land before it was controlled.  

In the early 1920's, spearheaded by the Late President Woodrow Wilson and the Fire Marshal's Association, Fire Prevention Week was placed into existence to commemorate the horrific Chicago Fire of 1871.  The committee didn't just want this to be a celebration but used this time to teach the average public citizen ways to remember fire prevention and fire safety starting within their own homes and in the work places.  During the week of October 9th, from Sunday to Saturday every year.  

Services Offered to the Public

Other than top-notch service of Firefighting, Rescue, and all around Public Safety with preservation of Life, Safety, and Property Conservation being the utmost of importance, the Kinston Department of Fire & Rescue offers the following to Our Community:

Kinston Department of Fire & Rescue goes above and beyond the minimal Fire Prevention Week and we host the Entire Month of October as Fire Prevention Month.  Fire Safety is our Key Element which we want to stress to our citizens.  This helps make sure they are safe.  We Kick-Off the Fire Prevention Month with the Fire Prevention Week being the focal point.  The Fire Prevention Week is the same week that October 9th falls in.  This is to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire.  We host our Annual Open House at Headquarters, where we invite Pre-Kindergartners, Kindergartners, and First Graders of Lenoir County to come and participate in learning Fire Safety through ten various learning stations setup with fun-learning themes of Fire Prevention.  We let them see tools, and equipment which give the youngsters a look into what we do at work, where we live, and learn during an average day as a Firefighter.

Fire Safety Week

In the year 2020, The Fire Service had to realize a new way to relay our message of Fire Safety due to COVID-19.  We followed suit with the Public School System and created our virtual learning which coincides with the, In-House interactions. 

Community Interaction/Relations -

  Physically meeting with the general public on a personable one on one level and exchanging ideas, information, and being totally accessible to one another.  By being involved at this personable level of one on one brings trust, loyalty, and integrity to all involved creating a tight-knit, understandable bond throughout the community.  We also offer the services of our Honor Guard out to the public.

Public Education -


Giving the general public the most up-to-date and accurate information of a certain selected category, in this case Fire Prevention, through assistance of training props, such as puppets, characters, memorization models, pamphlets/books/information, tools, equipment, seminars, meetings, classroom-style interactions, and hands-on experiences, to proficiently bring the category information to a higher understandable level for memory retention and application to situational life occurrences. 

Fire Prevention -

The act of showing the general public, through training, the way to properly control situations that could be hazardous and causing fires from happening before a potentially bad situation occurs, causing loss of life, loss of property, and potential harming effects to others within the community by the way of FIRE.  This includes the service to perform Smoke Detector Installation/Battery Replacement/Maintenance for our citizens.  The Smoke Detector Program is funded and sponsored through Various Fire Grants.  Also providing Private Residence Fire Safety Checks and Business Inspections to the local businesses.
Showing what we do at Community Planned Events
Ms. S. Harper and Fire Pup involved in the Kinston Christmas Parade
Meeting the Public on a personable one on one level
Showing the students in the classroom setting what a Firefighter wears and sounds like during a fire
Chief and Max teaching the Pre-K audience about Fire Safety

Interest in the Program

If you are interested in the Kinston Fire & Rescue Fire Prevention/Fire Public Education/Community Interaction/Community Relations Program, or if you know of a business, organization, educational group, or Community program that would like to participate within the program, click on the Interested box/tab below and fill out the On-Line Fill-able Form and the Department Representative will get into contact with you to assist in scheduling the Firefighters to either come to you or you come to the Fire Station.

Or if you are requesting a specific Service you wish to have provided to you and/or your business also click on the interested box/tab below and fill out the On-Line Fill-able Form. 

  1. Public Interaction
  2. Smoke Detector Service
  3. Private Residence Safety Check
  4. Business Inspection/Re-Inspect
  5. Fire Incident Report Request