Meet the Firefighters

Operations Division
Rank of Captain


William Barss


Michael Sullivan

Captain Michael Sullivan



Stanley Jones

Captain Stan Jones



Brian Roddy

Captain Brian Roddy



Richard Cannon

Captain Richard Cannon



David Roberson

Captain David Roberson



Stephen Spruill

Captain Steven Spruill


David Young
Captain David Young

Tyler Foyles

Captain Tyler Foyles


Lucas Williams

Captain Lucas Williams


Daniel Stringfield
Captain Daniel Stringfield

Patrick Hollowell
Captain Patrick Hollowell

Operations Division

Rank of Lieutenant

Brandon Harper

Lieutenant Brandon Harper

Stephen Tyndall

Lieutenant Stephen Tyndall

Banks Nimmo

Lieutenant Banks Nimmo

Fredrick Riehle

Lieutenant Fred Riehle

Austin Deaver

Lieutenant Austin Deaver

Operations Division 

Rank of Engineer

Dustin McNeese

Engineer Dustin McNeese

Nicholas Bishop

Engineer Nicholas Bishop

Michael (Brice) Turner

Engineer Brice Turner

Robert Hunt

Engineer Robert Hunt

Joseph Haag

Engineer Josheph Haag

Operations Division

Rank of Firefighter II

Kim Bowles

Firefighter Kim Bowles

Derek Chilson

Firefighter II Derek Chilson

Matthew Maready

Firefighter Matthew Maready

Emanuel Royster

Firefighter II Emanuel Royster

John (Brady) Smith

Firefighter II Brady Smith

Jackson Lee

Firefighter II Jackson Lee

Canaan Weston

Firefighter II Canaan Weston

Andrew Sutton

Firefighter  Andrew Sutton

Operations Division

Rank of Firefighter

Matthew Langston

Firefighter  Matthew Langston

Gavin Vandiford

Firefighter  Gavin Vandiford

Kevin Grady

Firefighter II Kevin Grady

David Russell

Firefighter David Russell

John Maus

Firefighter John Maus

Noah Yelverton

Firefighter Noah Yelverton

Logan Thompson

Firefighter Logan Thompson

Matthew Albertson

Firefighter Matthew Albertson

Isaiah Prophet

Firefighter Isaiah Prophet

Layne Jenkins


Tyler Holmes