Meet the Fire Administration

Fire Chief Damien Locklear

Fire Chief 
 Damien Locklear


Phone:  252-939-3164

Chief Locklear started with the Kinston Department of Fire & Rescue in January 2019.  Previous fire service experience includes affiliations with Evans Cross Roads Fire Department, Cumberland Road Fire Department, and the City of Fayetteville Fire Department.  Since starting his career in 2005, Chief Locklear has been afforded the opportunity to serve in many capacities to include Suppression/Operations, Recruitment, Fire & Life Safety Education, Training, and Administration. 

Chief Locklear is certified in many areas of the fire service.  Some of these include; Fire Officer III, Technical Rescuer, Fire Instructor II, Fire & Life Safety Education III, Chief 101, and Emergency Medical Technician.  Chief Locklear holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science Administration and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Waldorf University, Forest City, Iowa.  

Chief Locklear believes strongly in the current mission of the department and has placed his focus on a proactive vision for the department’s future.  One that is based on continuous improvement moving forward as we provide the highest level of professional service to our customers through Pride, Proficiency & Integrity.  The foundation of this vision begins with a high emphasis on Training, Physical Fitness & Mental Health, Community Involvement, Pride & Ownership, Communication, and Morale. 

Deputy Fire Chief Chad Jackson

Deputy Fire Chief 
 Chad Jackson


Phone:  252-526-2712

Deputy Fire Chief Jackson began his career with the Department in 2003.  Deputy Fire Chief Jackson went quickly through the ranks and became an Operations Captain on A Shift in April of 2014.  He served as Captain with several different companies and is a member of the Fire Origin and Cause Investigation Team.  Deputy Fire Chief Jackson has certified in many different categories within the career field of Firefighting such as Technical Rescuer, Confined Space Rescuer, Paramedic, Fire Officer I and II and Level I Fire Inspector.  He is a Qualified North Carolina Firefighter Instructor as well.  Deputy Fire Chief Jackson completed the Executive Fire Officer Leadership Program through Wilson Community College.  
October of 2021, Deputy Fire Chief Jackson became the Training Captain and the Department Safety Officer within the Department of Fire and Rescue.  In June of 2022, Deputy Fire Chief Jackson received his State of North Carolina Standard Certificate for Fire Inspector Level II, with his Probationary Certification as a Fire Inspector Level III.  In October of 2022, he was officially promoted to the Rank of Deputy Fire Chief of the Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue.  

Captain William Barss

Administration Captain 
 William J. Barss III


Phone:  252-526-2713

 Captain Barss began his career with the Department in November of 1998.  Captain Barss expressed his interest in serving in the experimental program of Special Response Unit, under the merger of the Kinston Department of Public Safety where the Administration of the Fire and Police integrated a team of five Firefighters and five Police Officers and taught them the other skills of the merged program.  In December of 2004 Captain Barss successfully completed Basic Law Enforcement Training and in April of 2005 was sworn in as a Public Safety Officer.  Captain Barss was assigned to Special Response Unit 2 and served for six years on the street doing both Firefighting and Law Enforcement.  
 During that time Captain Barss was assigned as the Unit's Evidence Identification Technician which sparked interest in the Crime Scene Investigations.  In January of 2011 Captain Barss was promoted over to Crime Laboratory Unit Detective and served for five years in that position.  Captain Barss was afforded the opportunity to return to the Department of Fire and Rescue upon the split of Kinston Department of Public Safety to their perspective Departments of Fire and Rescue and Police.  Captain Barss was tasked as becoming the Administration Captain and promoted to Captain in July of 2016.  
Captain Barss has several functions to his role within the Department of Fire and Rescue; such as Fire Origin and Cause Investigator and is still a sworn Law Enforcement Officer and serves as the manager of the Origin and Cause Fire Investigations Team, Public Information Officer, Fire-Life Safety Educator Level III/Public Education Coordinator, Emergency Planner and Community Relations Liaison Officer. In August of 2018 Captain Barss received his Certification as a Fire Investigations Technician from the International Association of Arson Investigators.  In June of 2022, Captain Barss received his State of North Carolina Standard Certificate for Fire Inspector Level I, with his Probationary Certification as a Fire Inspector Level II. 
 Captain Barss served Our Country for four years in the United States Marine Corps from August 1993 to August 1997.

Captain Tim Mooring

Training Captain 
 Timothy Mooring


Phone:  252-939-3939

Captain Timothy Mooring is considered Fire Royalty.  He was practically born into the Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue because his father, former Battalion Commander Timmy Mooring, was his predecessor.  Captain Mooring started his career here in July of 2013.  He worked his way through all of the ranks and made Captain in 2019.  Through his career, Captain Mooring has certified as an North Carolina State Instructor, North Carolina State Emergency Medical Technician and North Carolina State Fire Investigations Technician.  Captain Mooring became the Training Captain in October of 2022.  

Fire Inspector Bradi Johnson

Fire Inspector
 Brandi Johnson


Phone:  252-939-3228

Biography Information Coming Soon

Administration Assistant Britany Baughman

Administration Assistant  
Britany Baughman


Phone:  252-939-3164

 Ms. Baughman was born and raised in Lenoir and Greene County. In 2012 she worked at her local stores. Until 2014 where she then worked at Gold's Gym as a Supervisor. Ms. Baughman then started with the City of Kinston as of October 2015 as a Customer Service Representative. She transferred from Customer Service to an Administrative Assistant for Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue in June 2020.