Current & Recent Projects

Village Cedar Cable Replacement Bid

You can obtain a copy of the bid by clicking on this link: . A copy of the Excel Proposal Pages are also included in link.

There will be a Pre-Bid Meeting via Teams on Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 9:00 a.m., Local Time. A Teams invitation will be sent out prior to the meeting. Last day to submit questions is Tuesday, May 23rd

531 Circuit Upgrade

Identified in the Electric Transmission and Distribution Long Range Plan, the City will upgrade one of the distribution circuits. 



Biosolids Disposal Project

During Fiscal Year 2012-2013, a study was initiated to review options to our current biosolids practices. 



Briarwood Drive Reclamation

During Fiscal Year 2013 - 2014 the City has budgeted $64,000 to complete the 3rd phase of the full depth asphalt reclamation in this area. 



College Street Railroad Crossing Project

The City of Kinston has entered into an agreement with Norfolk Southern Corporation, North Carolina Railroad and the North Carolina Department of Transportation to close the College Street Railroad crossing. 



Customer Service Software

MIS and our Operations Division are working with ABB/Ventyx to upgrade our customer service software to 4.3 from our current version of 3.1, which is more than 8 years old. 



Drainage Project

Kinston has entered into an agreement with NCDOT for construction of Phase III, which will include all work along this system from Orion Street through Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. 


Falling Creek Water Supply

Growing demand in both residential and industrial areas on the western side of the City’s water system has created challenges with meeting customer needs for water volume and pressure. 



GTP Rail Spur Water & Sewer Utility Relocations

A rail spur has been constructed by the NCDOT Railway Division to provide rail service to the new Spirit Aerosystems facility. 



Highway 58 South Line Relocation

NCDOT has provided a turn lane into Lenoir Community College which prompted the relocation of electric utilities. 



Highway 70 Industrial Park Phase II Sewer Project

This project consists of building a new regional lift station and force main for the Highway 70 Industrial Park, and eliminating a small station serving the Smithfield Packing Company. 



Highway 70 West Industrial Park Substation

The City will complete construction of a new substation in the Highway 70 West Industrial Park. 



Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Corridor Project

This project included construction of a traffic circle at the intersection of King Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, plus sidewalks, crosswalks, fencing and landscaping between King Street and Vernon Avenue along Dr. MLK Jr. Boulevard. 



Point of Delivery Substation Upgrades

Identified in the Long Range Plan the City will upgrade the P.O.D. substation. 



Replacement of Airport Road Regulators

The need for replacement of the regulator in Airport Road substations was identified in the Long Range Plan. 



Spirit Aerospace Rail Spur Phase II

The NCDOT is constructing a Rail Spur to benefit Spirit AeroSystems at the Global TransPark and has requested assistance from the City to relocate electric utility lines in conflict with this initiative. 




Two-Way Radios


Lenoir County is in the process of updating their 2-way radio transmitter from analog to digital, to improve coverage and reliability. 

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