Stormwater Projects

Kinston Public Services is constantly working to improve the City. One way is through it's stormwater projects. Stormwater projects are projects that include drainage pipe repair and replacement, ditch maintenance, curb and gutter repair, street sweeping and storm drain cleaning. Stormwater projects are funded through stormwater revenue collected through a stormwater utility fee.

Creating the Program

The City of Kinston established a stormwater utility in July, 2007, to provide a stable and adequate revenue source for the City of Kinston's stormwater management program. The intent of the stormwater utility fee is that all "users," being those who receive benefits from the management of stormwater, pay a portion of the cost of the program relative to the amount of benefit they receive from the program and relative to the impact their property location has on the stormwater system.

Benefits of Proper Stormwater Management

As the proper management of stormwater in the City will reduce flooding on public streets, will reduce harmful pollutants entering our streams and rivers and reduce the negative impacts of these problems on our local economy, including tourism, recreation, economic development, residential growth, and the general conception of Kinston as an attractive place to live, visit and do business, all local properties receive benefits of some degree.