Plan Review

Plan Review for new commercial projects requires a full review from the Technical Review Team consisting of Planning, Building, Electric Services, Water Resources and the Fire Department.  Additions or expansions may also require a full review.  

Plans must be submitted via the Permits & Inspections Office. Please provide two (2) paper sets of plans plus digital plans or 5 sets of paper plans along with the Plan Review - Submittal Form.  The Plan Review fee for new projects is $200. Parking lot plan review is $100.

Interior renovations require two sets of paper copies.  We appreciate a digital copy as well if available. Please submit with the Plan Review - Submittal Form. The Plan Review fee for interior renovations is $100. 

Plan Review - Submittal Form

Zoning Permit Application

Site Plan Checklist

Technical Review Team Contact Info

*Note: The Planning Department reserves the right to request all plans in paper-form

Any questions can be referred to Elizabeth Blount at or 252-939-3271.