Violent Crime Action Team

The Kinston Police Department VCAT Detectives are tasked to investigate and eradicate the sale and use of illegal narcotics from the streets and neighborhoods within Kinston. Detectives also investigate illegal weapon offenses and gang activity within the community.


In late November of 2022, the City of Kinston experienced a spike in violent crime in the city, specifically gun crime. As a result, the Agency made the immediate decision to form a new unit within the organization to address the violent crime our community was experiencing. This task wasn’t taken lightly. With these modifications to our agency, we put the VCAT in place. 

The VCAT consists of: 

• (1) Captain 

• (1) Gang Investigator 

• (1) General Investigator 

• (2) Narcotics Investigators 

• (1) ATF Task Force Officer 

This unit is responsible for investigating gangs within our community as well as assisting with violent crime investigations and the illegal distribution of weapons and narcotics. The members of VCAT also work closely with local law enforcement partners, such as the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office and our state and federal law enforcement partners.


On August 8, 2023, the Kinston Police Department's Violent Crime Action Team was awarded the Gang Unit of the Year.  The award was received by members of the unit during the awards portion of the North Carolina Gang Investigator's Association conference in Winston-Salem.  The Kinston Police Department is very excited to accept this award and we are grateful our officers were recognized for their continued dedication to providing safety for our community.

Gang Unit of the Year