Permits, Inspections & Code Enforcement

The City of Kinston Permits, Inspections, and Code Enforcement Division is responsible for plan review, permitting, inspections and code compliance of all building construction including new construction, repairs, and renovations in the city limits of Kinston and it's extra-territorial jurisdiction.

The division ensures that construction and development practices are in accordance with the North Carolina Building Code and with all other applicable state and local codes. The division also enforces Grass and Weed Abatement and Kinston's Minimum Housing Code.

Reporting Violations

To report a minimum housing code violation or to request a minimum housing inspection, please call 252-939-3265.
  1. Donna Kennedy

    Permits & Inspections Specialist
    Phone: 252-939-4021

  1. Greg Dempsey

    Commercial Inspector
    Phone: 252-939-3270

  1. Daniel Davis

    Residential Inspector
    Phone: 252-939-3267

  1. Jackie Rogers

    Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: 252-939-4022