Meet the Kinston Fire & Rescue Explorers

Explorers with the Firefigherts at September 11th Cerimony 2010

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The Explorer Program is a non-profit organization that was designed by the Boy Scouts of America under the Learning-For-Life Program.  This program was designed as a way for young men and women from Middle School at the age of 11 years old to College at the age of 21 years old, to be afforded the opportunity to learn the profession that hosts the program, with safe, hands-on experiences using the actual tools and equipment of the profession.  There are lots of different professions that host the youth that vary from legal professions, science professions, automotive professions, law enforcement, firefighting, Emergency Medical Services and clerical/finances professions, to give the youth plenty of opportunities to learn a career that they may be interested in.  The Kinston Department of Fire & Rescue is the host to our local young men and women of our city, Lenoir County and even the surrounding counties.  We teach the profession of Firefighting and Rescue.  We also instill discipline, self confidence, and leadership to our young men and women through our Para-Military organization modeled through our Department's Ranking System.   

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We are very committed to the youth and we especially are very active with our community and community events.  We perform community services and assist in the local events by providing traffic control, and citizen assistance during the events.  We also teach the youth how to march in our P. R. I. D. E. Program within the Explorer Post.  P. R. I. D. E. means Precision Repetitive Individual Drill Exercises and is designed to show the youth how to discipline themselves and also to mimic military movements and formations that moved the troops across the battlefields and get the troops into fighting positions.  Because our program is a Boy Scouts program we also go camping and teach our youth survival out in nature and in realistic life situations.  The Post goes on learning expeditions to actually see different parts of the profession being put to actual and practical use and we also go to all of our local military bases to see our profession in the military atmosphere to possibly inspire some of our youths to join and serve our country with honor and distinction.    

                                                 Explorer Fire Badge 

Chain of Command

Kinston Fire & Rescue Explorer Post follows the Chain of Command of the Kinston Department of Fire & Rescue

  • Fire Chief D. N. Crawford
  • Administration Captain W. J. Barss
  • Post Adviser Bradley Gillis
  • Assistant Post Adviser (Open Position)
  • Associate Post Advisers J. W. Stallings, Antwan Hardy, and Cody Pipkin
  • Explorer Cadet Administration Commander (One Open Position)
  • Explorer Cadet Battalion Commanders (Two Positions Open)
  • Explorer Cadet Captains (Four Open Positions)
  • Master Explorer Cadets (Four Open Positions)
  • Explorer Cadet II (Open Positions)
  • Explorer Cadet I (Open Positions)
  • Explorer Cadet 8th Grade Level (Open Positions)
  • Explorer Cadet 7th Grade Level (Open Positions)
  • Explorer Cadet 6th Grade Level (Open Positions)
Kinston Fire & Rescue Explorer Ranks
Middle School Explorer Insignias

Interest in the Program

If you are interested in the Kinston Fire & Rescue Explorer Post Program, or if you know of a young man or woman that would like to participate within the program click on the Interested link below and fill out the On-Line Fill-able Form and the Department Representative will get into contact with you to assist in becoming an Explorer Cadet.

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